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Patients . . . 

You are why we are here! 

As a patient of DELTA AMBULANCE, you can expect your care providers to be highly trained Paramedics and EMT professionals. Our personnel will treat you and your family with respect, compassion, and a dedication unsurpassed in the EMS community.

Our Reputation for 
Excellence and Caring is Part of the Service 

Since 1972, DELTA AMBULANCE has served over305,000 people, and traveled more than 3.2 million miles safely, efficiently, and effectively.

To amplify the quality of your care, a cautious, yet progressive approach is employed in adopting new techniques. DELTA AMBULANCE does not rush into fads and gimmicks. This ensures your safety . . .

To maximize your reimbursement and minimize your out-of-pocket expenses, our business office staff is available to assist you with your health insurance claims.

To ensure consistent quality care during your transport, DELTA AMBULANCE works hand in hand with hospitals and other health care facilities employing the best people and using the finest equipment available. 


Hospitals and Health Care Facilities . . . 

In emergencies, our highly trained staff is an extension of the Emergency Room, utilizing established medical protocols and on-line physician advice. Quality emergency care is delivered to the patient.

Our broad resources allow hospitals and nursing homes to arrange the transfer of patients in a manner that meets both staff and patients’ needs, 24 hours a day, every day!

Our high standards of care maintain a level of  quality and efficiency that is unsurpassed. We will strive to exceed your expectations!

Quality patient care is our primary concern.


Communities . . .

DELTA AMBULANCE is a local company. Our Management Team is accessible. Our staff is involved and supported in community service activities. We participate in special events and charitable causes throughout our service area as well as in national and international programs.


 DELTA AMBULANCE routinely joins forces with fire, police and other EMS groups in their community events such as:

  • Parades
  • Field Days
  • Fairs
Annually,  the value of our in-kind support donated to local communities is estimated to exceed $25,000.

 As a local business DELTA AMBULANCE supports local business. We contribute to local economies not only through a payroll effect, but also by preferring to purchase locally whenever possible. 

DELTA AMBULANCE, the trusted name in Medical Transportation . . .

    We're there when you need us!



Delta offers

Premium Wages - Commensurate with Experience
 Health/Dental/Life Insurance - optional disability
 Vacation/Holiday/Sick Leave
 Retirement Plan - 403 (b)
 Fitness Plan
 Continuing Education
 Community Involvement
 Professional Growth Advancement

and an opportunity to be part of Central Maine's leading team of PreHospital health care professionals


Overview . . . 

DELTA AMBULANCE was formed in 1972 by three Waterville Hospitals: Thayer, Seton and Waterville Osteopathic, to serve the emergency needs of the surrounding communities. 

As Emergency Medical Service has expanded and grown, DELTA AMBULANCE has been a leader, expanding skills and services: 

  • The first to perform Advanced Life Support neonatal transfers 
  • The first to provide licensed Aeromedical Transfers 
  • One of the first to staff ambulances with Paramedics

In 1991, DELTA AMBULANCE added Wheelchair Transportation Services to offer an alternative to traditional ambulance transfers.

From base locations in Augusta and Waterville, we provide our customers with full service medical transportation.



  • serves 29 Maine communities, whose population is approaching 129,000
  • provides subsidy free emergency services to 17 Central Maine communities 
  • employs more than 95 health care professionals
  • Has continuously served the residents of Central Maine since 1972
  • will serve an estimated 17,500 men, women, and children in 2013
  • operates a fleet of fourteen ambulances, and three wheelchair vans


Service Qualifications . . .

DELTA AMBULANCE is Licensed by the Maine Department of Public Safety: Emergency Medical Services (MEMS), as a Paramedic Ambulance Service. This applies equally to all DELTA AMBULANCE services:

  • Waterville
  • Augusta

DELTA AMBULANCE surpasses Maine EMS regulatory requirements and, in addition, provides Paramedic Coverage for every emergency patient contact.


In 2000, Delta received the Margaret Chase Smith Maine State Quality Award , (a first in Maine EMS) and 
received Superior rating from SystEMS, an independent evaluation firm. In May of 2006, Delta received Platinum designation in the Maine Cardiac Health Program's HeartSafe Communities project. In 2007 Delta received a Saftey Management Award from Maine Employers Mutual Insurance Company; in 2009 ESGR's Patriotic Employeer Award; in 2010 the President's Award from the Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Community Award from the Waterville Board of Education. Twice Delta has been nominated and became a semi-fianalist for ESGR's Freedom Award.

DELTA AMBULANCE Wheelchair Service provides  patients with a level of assistance not available elsewhere. The Maine Department of Human Services regulates this service. Again, we surpass their requirements by staffing the wheelchair vans with medically trained personnel. 


Personnel Qualifications . . .

All field staff at DELTA AMBULANCE maintain current licensure with Maine Emergency Medical Services. 

At a minimum, DELTA AMBULANCE personnel have an Emergency Medical Technician - Basic license.

At DELTA AMBULANCE we encourage continued advancement in education. DELTA AMBULANCE employs  Paramedics on a full and part time basis and many of our EMTs are engaged in educational programs to attain a higher level of licensure.

In addition to Licensure, our Paramedics maintain certification in:

  •  Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
  •  Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS)
  •  Pediatric Advanced Life Support  (PALS)
  •  Mass Casualty Incident Management  (MCIM)
  •  Hazardous Materials  (HAZMAT)
Along with the Special Advanced Skills of:
  •  Paramedic Inter-facility Transfer  (PIFT)
Many of Delta's Paramedics hold additional certification in:
  •  Aeromedical Transfer
  •  Critical Care Paramedic (CCEMT-P) University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Unlike other EMS providers who must perform in multiple roles, for DELTA AMBULANCE EMTs and Paramedics, 

Patient care is their primary responsibility .


Communications . . .

To ensure the safety of our patients, dispatchers are in constant communication with field crews through mobile radio on a repeater system, cellular telephones, and pagers.

All Emergency 911 calls are answered at our Regional Communications Centers by trained professional dispatchers who have received Emergency Medical Dispatch certification. This gives them the skills to effectively prioritize calls according to their severity. 

All 911 medical dispatches are delivered by our own dispatchers, 24/7, who have also received national certification in Emergency Medical Dispatch.

Supplementing our radio network, DELTA AMBULANCE dispatchers utilize cellular phones and pagers to contact our ambulances.


From our Waterville Base . . .

Our Waterville Operation, which houses our Corporate offices, is located at 30 Chase Avenue. From this base DELTA AMBULANCE provides:

  •  911 emergency services to the residents of:



  • Advanced Life Support (Paramedic) back-up services for Clinton Fire Ambulance and Unity Volunteer Ambulance are also provided.
  • Routine and Critical Care transfers to and from Maine General Medical Center, any health care facility, or private home, regardless of distance.
  • Wheelchair Van services
  • Corporate & Community Educational Outreach


From our Augusta Base. . .

Our Augusta Base is located at 10 Cony Road, between Routes 17 & 3. 
From Augusta we provide:

  • 911 Emergency Services to the residents of:

Augusta (special call)
South China
  • Quality Transfer services to the residents of: 

China & South China
Coopers Mills 

West Gardiner
  • Routine and Critical Care transfers to and from Maine General Medical Center, any health care facility, or private home, regardless of distance.
  • Wheelchair Service providing the much needed individualized transportation service to doctors’ offices and outpatient clinics.

  • Emergency & ALS back-up services to surrounding towns and proximate facilities.
  • Corporate & Community Educational Outreach

Business Office . . . 

DELTA AMBULANCE's office staff is professional, efficient, and customer oriented. Our  dispatch office staff schedules emergency, non-emergency transfer, and wheelchair van requests.

To ease the burden on our customers, all billing is computerized and directly filed for the patient whenever possible, either electronically or using the standard CMS 1500 claim form. Our friendly office staff is able to fulfill information requests in an efficient, timely, and courteous manner. 

Our office is well reputed within the insurance industry as being 100% compliant with all documentation requirements of Medicare, Medicaid and Third party payors. 

To become more skilled in helping you, our office staff routinely attends seminars and workshops on such topics as: 

  •  information systems
  •  communications
  • Insurance industry updates.

Delta Ambulance Services . . . 

24-Hour Paramedic service   The highest level of care available. 
 “We are there when you need us.”
Emergency Response Services Paramedic Emergency Medical care  brought direct to you home.
Routine Transfers Safe, prompt transportation for non-    emergency situations.
Critical Care Transfers  Qualified staff to ensure continuity of care.
12 lead EKG Monitoring/Interpretation The newest technology available. Results are transmitted to the hospital  prior to your arrival.
Cardiac Pacing Technology that allows the  Paramedic to ensure a  regular heart beat.
Automatic Pulmonary Ventilation Breathing assistance using state of the art medical ventilation equipment
Basic Life Support Neo-Natal Transfer Qualified staff providing  safe transportation of  newborn infants.
Wheelchair Transportation Services Safe alternative transportation for the non-ambulatory patient
Stand-by Medical Coverage  On site emergency medical  crews assuring the safety  of the event. Often utilizing our mountain bike response team
Educational Demonstrations / Displays Providing public awareness of Emergency Medical   Services as well as Health  and Safety issues.
Speakers Bureau  Available to any  organizations who would like to know more about          Emergency Medical  Services.
Classes  First aid, CPR, lifting &  moving patients, early  recognition and assessment, Hazardous Materials, and  others that can be tailored  to your specific needs. See Education 

Quality Improvement . . . 

To ensure the best care possible DELTA AMBULANCE practices a continuous quality improvement (CQI) process . Many of our employees are actively involved with project teams. A peer review team lead by our Quality Improvement Coordinator reviews patient reports and tracks episodic events such as:

  • cardiac arrest 
  • multi-trauma 
  • treat & release 
  • no transport 
Our on-staff  physician Medical Director is actively involved in this process and provides critical input to our case studies.

This process gives us the opportunity to identify:

  •  areas for additional educational programs
  •  highlight growing trends in patient needs
  • modify our operations to improve services.
All Critical Care inter-facility transfers and high intensity emergencies are reviewed by our Medical Director. In addition we monitor our client satisfaction through regular surveys and needs identification.


Health and Safety  . . .

DELTA AMBULANCE is committed to the health and safety of our employees and patients. We have implemented strict policies regarding the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and the disposal of contaminated articles. 

We equip very ambulance with PPE that surpasses OSHA guidelines. “Sharps containers” are provided in the “house kits” facilitating safe field disposal of contaminated “sharps.” Whenever possible intravenous and pharmaceutical supplies utilize a needless system.

So that we can rapidly identify potential exposures, to protect and test our staff appropriately, we maintain open communication with our health carewhole person health facilities.

We provide periodic review of Bloodborne Pathogen, Airborne Pathogen, Communicable / Infectious Disease, and OHSA guidelines. All employees are offered immunization for Hepatitis B, and are provided with annual Tuberculosis screening.

In 2010, we launched an employee wellness program and are working for the same success levels attained by our safety program


Education . . .

DELTA AMBULANCE prides itself on the level of training attained by our staff of Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics. 

We offer monthly CME programs in diverse topics designed to enhance the competency of our employees in areas of frequent exposure, areas identified by our Quality Improvement program that need review and discussion of the latest topics and trends in Emergency Medical Services. Our CME sessions often attract the attendance of other area rescue personnel. 

We also encourage and provide support for employees to attend national seminars and local workshops. For additional, more advanced, hands on continuing education, Maine General Medical Center, Augusta/Waterville and Inland Hospital provide our staff with medical rotations. 



Privacy Statement


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